SEO TUTORIALS IN PASAY, PASAY CITY in Pasay City, National Capital Region


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What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization is a way to improve the visibility and ranking of a website in Search Engine. If you are top 1 in the results page, your website will receive a lot of traffic, visits, clicks and bottom line, more revenues and more profit.
What makes our training different?
A lot. This is not a seminar but a workshop. We make sure that the student will actually learn SEO and use it to earn extra money. We have graduates of the program that are actually earning right now and have their start up business.
Who are your target audience?
We cater to the following:
- those person who wants to have extra income
- students who wants to have part time job
- young professional who wants to add a new skill to their resume
- employee who wants to have a new career because they are bored to their current job
- those entrepreneur who wants to open a start up business
- Business owners who wants to open a new line of service
At the end of the session, you are expected to be able to handle small projects for SEO. You will learn how to create report. You may start with the most simplest job to the most advance. SEO can't be learn overnight, but with constant practice, a positive frame of mind and good learning attitude, online success is inevitable.
With the SEO tutorial, you will learn the following:
- Introduction to SEO
- Importance of SEO to your business
- How to create a simple blog site?
- How to create content for your site?
- Why social media sites are important to SEO?
- How to handle an SEO project?
- How to do keyword research?
- How to do link building?
- How to prepare an SEO report?
- How to find an SEO project?
- How to start your own SEO business? [ bonus ]
9am – 12noon Monday to Friday {5 sessions} Class 1
2pm – 5pm Monday to friday {5 sessions} Class 2
6pm – 9pm Monday to Friday {5 sessions} Class 3
About us: " We are an IT company with the following core tecnologies: SEO, Digital mMrketing, Web Dev, Mobile Dev and Content Marketing."
For questions or clarifications,Text Your Name to Mobile # +63 9275223862 or contact Remie you can email us at info[at]linkbuildarticles[dot]com
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